How to join

We are welocomming, professional models and actors, and beginners who are interested in the entatainment business. Feel free to contact us!! We are foreign model agency in Shibuya. We have TV commercial, TV drama, Catalog, Narration and other jobs!!



Please call us to fix an appointment. We are open for Monday - Friday 11:00 AM 〜 6:00 PM.

What to bring:
- ID(ex;zairyu card or passport)
- Your modeling pictures data. (if you have)

We are going to take professional pictures free of charge. So, we recommend you to bring:

For women:
casual pants style. make-up, short dress style. suit style
For man:
casual. suit style.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

TEL. 03-5457-3544

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